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Central Fund of Canada Limited was “The Sound Monetary Fund”.

Central Fund's purpose was to hold gold and silver bullion on a secure basis for the convenience of investors in the shares of Central Fund.

(Over 95% of Central Fund's assets were Gold and Silver bullion.)

Central Fund was listed on the NYSE American and on the Toronto Stock Exchange



  • Easy to make a gold and silver bullion investment. Central Fund shares traded on the open market like any other listed stock. A call to your broker was all you needed.

  • No bullion contract, delivery logistics, storage, insurance or assay headaches for Share Owners.

  •  No transaction fees or sales taxes of any kind, other than your broker's commission.

  • Safety: Central Fund's Gold and Silver Bullion was stored in the highest security rated treasury vaults at a Canadian chartered bank on an unencumbered, allocated and segregated basis.

  • Long-term administration: Central Fund was founded in 1961 by Mr. Philip Spicer, and Directors provided over 230 years of combined service.

  • Eligibility: Central Fund's Shares qualified for inclusion in most North American regulated accounts.

  • Certainty: Central Fund was known as:    "The Sound Monetary Fund"

Factors You Should Consider

Central Fund of Canada was an Alberta based Canadian company that passively held gold and silver bullion which are both priced worldwide in U.S. dollars.

The prices of Central shares, quoted and traded on the NYSE American and the Toronto Stock Exchange, fluctuated more or less than the prices of gold and silver bullion.


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